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Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower's aim is to provide everyone with the skills to go through life with confidence and in safety.
So that we can meet this goal, we want to provide YOU with the best tools to pass on these skills. Please don't hesitate to contact us for support or consultation.

A picture from the Healthy Relationships resource of the Fullpower Friends sitting on the couch relaxing.

Healthy Relationships

Hardcopy and digital interactive cartoon resources for teens and adults with special needs, providing practical tools to build resiliency and to prevent bullying, violence and abuse.

A large group of teenagers creating a boundary with their hands and saying NO

Teenpower Violence Prevention Toolkit

A low-cost and user friendly resource that addresses personal safety risks for young people like peer pressure, bystander syndrome etc.

A group of adults with a suited Fullpower instructor giving the thumbs up

Real Relationships

An interactive programme to build resilience, increase protective factors and reduce risk factors for young people in regards to sexual victimisation and offending.

A preschooler cuddling a Kidpower teddy bear

Kidpower Young Children Kit

A system to build consistent, common language and common strategies for conflict resolution and boundary setting for the children in your Childhood Centre.

A large group of school children waving

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Kidpower International Library

Kidpower International hosts various resources, such as books, articles, videos, podcasts and more!

Kidpower Safety Signals

30 simple gestures, words, and drawings that make it easy to teach, learn, and remember Kidpower's key safety skills (requires Kidpower account).

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Visit our About page to see helpful links to other organisations, pages or services that are related to Kidpower, or that provide specialised support.

We are a not-for-profit organisation.
Our aim is to not allow cost to be a barrier!
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