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What is the Kidpower Young Children Programme & Resource Kit?

"To achieve the best results, self-protection programmes should incorporate parental involvement, opportunities for practice, repeated exposure, and concepts such as identification of potentially abusive situations, age-appropriate sex-education, and body safety skills."

(Kenny, M., Capri, V., Thakkar-Kolar, R., Ryan E., Runyon, M., 2008)

This Kidpower Programme has been developed to meet these needs and be Easy, Positive, Safe, and Fun!!
Learn a system to build consistent, common language and common strategies for conflict resolution and boundary setting for the children in your Childhood Centre. This resource provides a set of visual tools and interactive exercises that leaders, teachers and caregivers can use to teach social skills that are proven to build personal safety, resilience and social interactions throughout life.

We offer a combination of:
• Professional Development for Teachers/Cargivers
• Children/Tamariki workshop
• Parent/Whanau education

Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing

What's in it?

30+ page book containing Art Activities, Role-Plays, Songs and other fun stuff to do, with comprehensive descriptions to make life easier for the caregiver/ teacher, while the Tamariki learn valuable life skills.

CD + A3 Posters with 6 original songs!

17 templates you can photocopy and hand out or hang up, containing activities, songs, forms to fill out, relevant Kidpower Safety Signs, and letters for caregivers at home.

Staff Training

The staff training programmes and follow up activities teach how to reinforce positive, practical and effective ways to be respectful and stay safe with peers and adults. The Parent and Whanau workshops complement and support the staff training programmes. They ensure that the children get a consistent message and that everyone can help keep our young ones safe.

The Kidpower International Safety Signs

The Kidpower International Safety Signs, gestures and song make it easy to remember skills.

Learning by Doing

Links to Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum

1. Empowerment – Whakamana
2. Holistic Development – Kotahitanga
3. Family and Community – Whanau Tangata
4. Relationships – Nga hononga

1. Well-being – Mana Atua
2. Belonging – Mana Whenua
3. Contribution – Mana Tangata
4. Communication – Mana Reo
5. Exploration – Mana Aoturoa

Links to NZ Curriculum for Years 1-3

A1 Personal growth and development
A3 Safety management
A4 Personal Identity
B2 Positive attitudes
B2 Positive attitudes
C1 Relationships
C3 Interpersonal skills

Cost and Ordering

The cost for the resource plus 3 workshops is $650 plus GST. This price is flexible depending on your need and funding

Talk to us to make it work for you!


Learning by Doing