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Real Relationships

What is Real Relationships?

Diagram showing Knowledge and Skill Practices + Student Creations + Real Life Incidents

"An Interactive Programme to Build Resilience, Increase Protective Factors and Reduce Risk Factors for Young People in regards to Sexual Victimisation and Offending."

Real Relationships has been designed for teachers and other leaders working with young people aged 14 up.
The comprehensive manual comes with 21 visual 'Skill Cards' that give directions for instantly applicable skill building activities.

A SHORT Programme Version (approximately 1 hour total) uses:

  • interactive Teenpower Skill Card for 5-10 minutes at a time over 2-6 weeks in teaching periods.
    The group can tailor short practices to address issues that are most relevant at the time.

The FULL Programme Version (approximately 4-6 hours total) includes:

  • Understanding how we learn about sexuality and gender
    (1-2 hours)
  • Interactive Teenpower Skill Card practices
    (5-10 minutes at a time, spread out over 2-4 weeks)
  • Application of the Skills to Change Real Life Stories
    (1 hour)

Real Relationships Cards and Manual image

General Objectives

As a result of taking part in this programme, participants become aware of their own needs and actions. They practice how to

  • be aware of their own and others needs and intentions
  • negotiate with others,
  • set appropriate personal boundaries
  • know where and how to access help
  • persist to get the help they need

They apply these skills in creative role plays, games, video clips, comics, drama, or social stories etc. which reinforce attitudes and behaviours that build fun, healthy, and ethical relationships.

Parents and professionals working with the young people are informed through notices and invited to attend the presentation, so that they can support the learning and the application of the strategies and attitudes.

The programme follows the most recent Best Practice research and recommendations. I.e.

  • Focus on building skills and changing behaviour to foster respectful healthy relationships
  • Challenge harmful gender norms which support sexual violence
  • Evaluate
  • Encourage youth participation and involvement in programme development
  • Consults regularly with stakeholders

Student Showcase!

01 | Emotional Song

Emo Song Video Thumbnail

Storyboard : Link

02 | Extra Shot

Extra Shot Comic Thumbnail

Story Board: Link

03 | Control Freak A & B

Control Freak A Comic Thumbnail
Control Freak Version B Comic Thumbnail

Story Board: Link (both)