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Copperhead Road Distillery's

"Pure Heart"

Premium Vodka

Being the best Vodka from New Zealand, a country of clear waters, fresh air & unspoiled landscapes we had to live up to our 100% pure philosophy of course!

We batch brew our special mash ingredients so that we create a wash with the maximum potential for distillation.
In our micro-brewing technique, painstakingly slow and precise and perfected over years of refining, the fractional distillation process we use is unique due to the Kiwi ingenuity of our custom designed still, in that it is able to precisely separate the ethyl alcohol (Pure Heart of the product) from the other fractions(heads and tails). In other words there is no Methanol, Acetate or Propyl (collectively known as fusel oils) tainting our product.
This process in itself means that we produce a far lower yield than other manufacturing processes in order to maintain the superior quality and purity of the heart alcohol. The distillate we produce comes off the still at 95% pure, which is as scientifically precise as possible due to the fact that ethyl alcohol carries over a 5% isotope of water. With nothing extra added we then reduce it down to a 42% concentration with pure New Zealand water.

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Copperhead Road Distillery
Rotorua, New Zealand

Distribution & Marketing
Graham Willcox
027 2397107

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